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Store things in a safe and accessible place 24/7!

Renting a warehouse for private or business storage is an ideal solution for storing things for various life needs.

City Depot

Video surveillance

City Depot

Availability 24/7

City Depot

Different storage sizes

City Depot

Drive in warehouse

City Depot

Lease flexibility

The first Croatian warehouse for rent to private and business users

We offer you a warehouse rental service for private or business storage as an ideal solution for storing things in different life circumstances and needs.


Are you moving, renovating or simply need more space in your apartment? Do you need to tidy up tools, sales items or archives for the company?

Rent of a warehouse for personal storage or warehouse rent for business storage allow less stress during the period of moving, traveling abroad or organization of the office. With us, choose warehouse size that suits your needs and tidy things up without a time limit. Store things in a 100% secure place under lock and video surveillance. Access the self-service warehouse at a time that suits you best. No prior notice is required. The warehouses are located at Žitnjak, Slavonska avenue 68B / 1.

Not sure how much space you need?

If you don’t know how much space you need, let us help you! Choose one of our offered options or consult with our staff. We send you an offer tailored to your needs and guide you through the hiring process where we enter into a suitable contract with you. We also offer accompanying material for plastering as well as help in organizing the move.

L container

Enough for 4 rooms of furniture

  • Dimensions - 6 x 2,4m
  • Area - 14,4 m2
  • Height - 2,4 m 2
  • Volume - 34 m 3

M container

Enough for 2 rooms of furniture

  • Dimensions - 3 x 2,4m
  • Area - 7,2 m2
  • Height - 2,4 m2
  • Volume - 17 m3

S container

Small home or student storage

  • Dimensions - 2 x 2,4m
  • Area - 4,8 m2
  • Height - 2,3 m 2
  • Volume - 11 m 3
City Depot


Slavonska avenija 68B/1
10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

New location: Kerestinečka ul. 123, Ježdovec, Grad Zagreb