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Frequently asked questions

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What is self-storage?

For those who don't know, self-storage is a way to store your belongings away from your own property. Self-storage units are like storage for your belongings. Your belongings are in a safe, dry place under 24-hour supervision and insured against damage and theft.

What is a drive in self-storage?

Drive in self-storage refers to any self-storage unit that can be driven to by car or truck. Drive in units are great for those looking to minimize time in a self storage facility. They are also a great choice for large items that are difficult to move.

How can I request a quote?

You can request an offer through our website, by email or by coming to the warehouse location. When making an offer, we take into account the size of the warehouse, the rental period and current discounts.

What storage sizes do you have?

We offer two storage sizes of 7.2 m2 and 14.4 m2.

Can I schedule a tour of the warehouse and unit before booking?

Yes, we allow you to schedule a tour of the storage units Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

When can I move into the self-service warehouse?

You can move into our self-service warehouses immediately after signing the contract and choosing the payment method.

When can I visit the repository?

Once you have rented the storage you can access it every day at any time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How do I pay for storage?

Depending on the length of the rental period, you can make a one-time or recurring payment.

What are the advantages of self-storage?

There are several benefits of self-storage for both commercial and residential clients. One of the biggest advantages is the freed up space. A storage unit can free up a significant amount of space in your home or business. It can also allow you to save items that you would otherwise have to donate or even throw away. A storage unit is a great saving solution. Instead of investing in a larger property or getting rid of things, you can rent a storage unit. Storage units are great for those with collections, large quantities of seasonal items, office supplies, excess inventory or those in the middle of moving.

Are there any items that cannot be placed in self-service storage?

Several items should never be placed in a self-storage unit. This includes liquids, explosives, flammable materials and other dangerous goods. Also, perishable items should not be stored in self-contained warehouses. You can view a detailed list of items that may not be stored in our warehouses in our general conditions