Warehouses - City depot

Which warehouse size to choose?

By simply viewing our sketches, you can choose the size of the warehouse that suits your needs.

If the need to change the size of the warehouse arises over time, you can make the change in a few simple steps.

From us you can also buy shelves for better storage organization, as well as packaging material.

City depot

L container

Enough for 4 rooms of furniture

  • Dimensions - 6 x 2,4m
  • Area - 14,4 m2
  • Height - 2,4 m 2
  • Volume - 34 m 3
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City depot

M container

Enough for 2 rooms of furniture

  • Dimensions - 3 x 2,4m
  • Area - 7,2 m2
  • Height - 2,4 m2
  • Volume - 17 m3
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City depot

S container

Small home or student storage

  • Dimensions - 2 x 2,4m
  • Area - 4,8 m2
  • Height - 2,3 m2
  • Volume - 11 m3
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Moving is a stressful time in your life, and we are here to make it easier for you. We bring you some tips about packing and storing things.



Say goodbye to unnecessary things

Packing and packing can be an incentive to get rid of unnecessary things. Get rid of what you haven't used lately. By systematic packaging, you gain space and save time when unpacking.



Pack organized

When packing, place heavier items at the bottom of the box. Never pack more in a box than you can lift. You put lighter things like clothes in big boxes and heavier things like books in smaller ones. Label each box so you know what's in it, and the direction of rotation so things don't break.



Schedule within the warehouse

Divide the storage according to the rooms you have packed. Leave a small passage between the boxes to make it easier to reach certain things. Group the boxes according to purpose and use so that your unpacking is as easy as possible.



Visit to the warehouse

Warehouses are available 24/7. Your things are available to you at all times. You can enter the warehouses using a magnetic access card. Each warehouse has a padlock that only you have the key to.